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Muffaletta Sandwich

Maybe you can’t take a trip to New Orleans, but your taste buds will feel like they’re there when they bite into this delectable, hearty Muffaletta Sandwich. This street food classic from the Big Easy is big and easy to make.

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Author Good Living Guide



  1. Open bread on a large surface like a cutting board. Remove some of the inner bread to create room for the stack of meats and cheeses.
  2. Brush the open sides on each half of bread with olive oil. Spread olive salad over the olive oil on both pieces of bread.
  3. On the bottom half of the sandwich, begin layering the ham, provolone, mortadella or bologna, and mozzarella.
  4. On the opposite (top) half of the sandwich, place the salami over the olive salad. Using the salami to help hold the olive salad in place, invert the top and place on the bottom.

  5. Press the sandwich down and secure with plastic wrap. Remove plastic wrap before serving.
  6. Sandwich can be stored overnight (covered with plastic wrap) if needed or sliced and served immediately.

Recipe Notes

Mortadella is not easy to find in common grocery stores. A cured pork embedded with pieces of fat, the closest substitute is common bologna. But don’t be skeptical. It tastes amazing in this combination. Also, it is easier to make this sandwich if you stack everything on one side EXCEPT for the final layer of meat. Place the salami on the opposite side to help hold the olive salad in place as you invert the sandwich half onto the other side. This sandwich is easier to slice with a serrated bread knife. To prepare this for a picnic or potluck, slice into portions and rewrap each part in plastic wrap.